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Artist List Artist List Artist List
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Chord Charts

The Faith Life by Alvin Slaughter

The Faith Life (2005)

1. Anything
2. My Joy
3. Launch Out
4. When I Praise
5. Worshippers
6. Sacrifice Of Praise
7. This I Know / I Have Decided To Follow Jesus
8. Lord I Run To You
9. The Latter Rain
10. Made Me Glad
11. Wave Of My Anointing (Fresh Wind)
12. Faith Is The Key

On The Inside by Alvin Slaughter

On The Inside (2003)

1. Love Is
2. Secret Place
3. I Believe
4. Ain't No Rock
5. I Call The Name
6. Speak To The Mountain
7. Power
8. Shout Hallelujah
9. Grace
10. Lord Please Draw High
11. Passion

Rain Down by Alvin Slaughter

Rain Down (2000)

1. Shout
2. Speak Lord
3. I'm Talking Bout Jesus
4. Bless This Time
5. Who Can Satisfy
6. I Believe The Promise
7. I Will Run To You
8. Holy Spirit Rain Down  [Lyrics]
9. We've Come To Worship The Lord
10. He Alone Is Worthy
11. You Are The One
12. Suddenly  [Lyrics]

Yes! by Alvin Slaughter

Yes! (1997)

1. Jesus You Are Welcome
2. God Is Good
3. Move In This Place
4. Mercy Refused
5. Allelujah Praise Jehova
6. A Servant's Prayer
7. I Need Thee Every Hour
8. He's Already Provided
9. Worthy, Worthy
10. Yes, Lord Yes
11. Midnight Cry
12. Jesus Is Mine

God Can! by Alvin Slaughter

God Can! (1996)

1. Shouts Of Joy
2. God Can
3. More Than Enough
4. Doin' A Good Work
5. Holy, Holy, Holy
6. Our Help Is In The Name Of The Lord
7. God Gives His Children A Song
8. That's When
9. Jesus, Lord To Me
10. Alleluia
11. Jesus Is Everything I Need
12. He's All I Need
13. The Wonders Of His Hands
14. I Love You Lord
15. You Are Worthy To Be Praised
16. When We All Get To Heaven

Revive Us Again by Alvin Slaughter

Revive Us Again (1995)

1. God Is With Us
2. Gods Gonna Do It Again
3. But For Grace
4. Hosanna
5. We Give You Thanks
6. Thanks
7. He Is Here
8. Lord Be Glorified
9. Oh The Glory Of Your Presence
10. Revive Us Again
11. Revive Us Lord
12. Give God The Glory

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