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Chord Charts

I'm Amazed Live by Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir

I'm Amazed Live (2005)

1. Thou, Oh Lord
2. Gloria
3. I'm Amazed  [Lyrics]
4. Heaven On My Mind  [Lyrics]
5. Hallelujah Anyhow
6. I Bless Your Name
7. King Of Glory
8. Gods Promise
9. High And Lifted Up
10. The Light Of That City
11. Worship Medley
12. Song Of Moses

Be Glad by Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir

Be Glad (2002)

1. He Reigns Forever - We Sing Praise
2. Be Glad
3. Goodness Of The Lord
4. Still Doing Great Things
5. We Bless Your Name
6. Go Forth
7. This Is How It Feels To Be Free
8. It Was A Great Thing
9. My Life Is In Your Hands
10. I Can Go To God In Prayer
11. He's God

Light Of The World   by Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir

Light Of The World  (2001)

1. It's Christmas
2. Christmas Carol Medley
3. Glory To God
4. Light Of The World
5. Peace On Earth
6. Ill Give Him My Heart
7. O Holy Night
8. The Birthday Of A King
9. The Worship Medley: He Came - Jesus The Son Of God
10. His Plan

God Is Working by Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir

God Is Working (2000)

1. All The Way To Calvary
2. God Is Working
3. It's Amazing
4. Church Medley
5. More Than Enough
6. Sing Alleluia
7. I Found The Answer
8. For Every Mountain
9. Nothing Is Impossible
10. Keep Me True
11. Holy Like You
12. Holy Like You (Reprise)

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