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Artist List
Artist List Artist List Artist List
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Chord Charts

Mighty Long Way: The Vision Comes Alive by Joe Pace

Mighty Long Way: The Vision Comes Alive (2006)

1. Opening Prayer
2. Enter In
3. Have Your Way
4. Let Everything That Has Breath
5. Shake The Foundation
6. We've Come To Praise Him
7. Hallelujah Anyhow
8. Glad About It (Featuring Lowell Pye)
9. Offering Of Praise (New)
10. I Will Bless The Lord At All Times
11. Stir Up The Gift (Featuring Kenneth Wells)
12. So Good
13. Mighty Long Way (New Featuring Lowell Pye)
14. Mighty Long Way (Reprise)
15. I Still Have Joy
16. While You Wait (Featuring Jonathan DuBose, Jr.)
17. Speak Life (Featuring Jerard Woods)
18. Speak Life Reprise (Its Not Over)
19. The Worship Medley
20. Hold On
21. High And Lifted Up

Praise 'Til You Breakthrough by Joe Pace

Praise 'Til You Breakthrough (2005)

1. A House Divided
2. Praise Til You Breakthrough
3. It Wont Last
4. Oh Give Thanks
5. Classic Choir Medley
6. He's Alright
7. Great Is The Lord
8. Please Be Patient With Me
9. God Will Take Care Of You
10. When The Battle Is Over
11. Call Him Up
12. Forever You Shall Reign
13. When I Worship
14. Yes To Your Will
15. Most High King

Sunday Morning Service by Joe Pace

Sunday Morning Service (2004)

1. Enter In
2. We've Come To Praise Him
3. Our God Reigns
4. Lord I Lift Your Name On High
5. High And Lifted Up
6. High And Lifted Up (Reprise)
7. You Are Everything To Me
8. Holy Are You Lord
9. I Will
10. Spoken Word - Pastor Willis Polk
11. Running Over
12. King Of Glory
13. Spoken Word - Dr. Joseph L. Ownes
14. Precious Is The Blood
15. Nothing But The Blood
16. Spoken Word - Pastor Richard Gaines
17. Down At The Altar
18. Spoken Work - Minister Joe Pace II
19. We've Come To Praise Him (Musical Reprise)

Speak Life by Joe Pace

Speak Life (2003)

1. God Can Do Anything
2. Hallelujah Anyhow
3. Speak Life
4. Hold On
5. Stand
6. Sing Unto The Lord
7. I Will Celebrate
8. When The Spirit Of The Lord
9. Sing Til The Power Of The Lord Comes Down
10. It's Time To Sing
11. Good To Me
12. Everything I Need
13. We Lift Our Hands
14. We Worship You This Day
15. Joy To The World
16. Heaven And Nature Sing

Shake The Foundation by Joe Pace

Shake The Foundation (2002)

1. I Was Glad
2. Let Us Go Into The House
3. Highest Praise
4. I Worship Thee
5. Be Glorified Medley
6. Be Glorified (Praise Break)
7. Holy Spirit Move
8. Have Your Way
9. Shake the Foundation (Intro)
10. Shake The Foundation
11. Highly Exalted
12. Great is the Lord Medley
13. Love You So Much
14. Can't Live Without Your Love
15. We Call Him Jesus
16. Remember Jesus Medley

Let There Be Praise by Joe Pace

Let There Be Praise (2001)

1. Call To Worship
2. Let Everything That Hath Breath
3. Let There Be Praise
4. O Clap Your Hands
5. I Worship You Medley
6. Lord We Bless Your Name
7. I Will Bless The Lord At All Times  [Lyrics]
8. Jesus I'll Never Forget Medley
9. We Offer Praise To You
10. Lift The Savior Up
11. This Is The Day
12. I Worship You Medley (Reprise) Instrumental

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