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Chord Charts

Mountains Move by Kristian Stanfill

Mountains Move (2011)

1. Lord Almighty  [Lyrics]
2. Day After Day  [Lyrics]
3. Say Say  [Lyrics]
4. You Will Reign  [Lyrics]
5. My Reward  [Lyrics]
6. Like A Lion  [Lyrics]
7. Always  [Lyrics]
8. Holding My World  [Lyrics]
9. Be With You Forever  [Lyrics]
10. Over All The Earth  [Lyrics]
11. We Glorify Your Name  [Lyrics]

KS (Day After Day) EP by Kristian Stanfill

KS (Day After Day) EP (2010)

1. Day After Day  [Lyrics]
2. Lord Almighty  [Lyrics]
3. Always
4. Say, Say  [Lyrics]
5. The Stand

Attention by Kristian Stanfill

Attention (2009)

1. Alive And Running  [Lyrics]
2. Kingdom  [Lyrics]
3. Lord Of All  [Lyrics]
4. Go  [Lyrics]
5. Beautiful Jesus  [Lyrics]
6. Wake Up  [Lyrics]
7. Faithful  [Lyrics]
8. I Need You  [Lyrics]
9. Glowing  [Lyrics]
10. Lead Us On  [Lyrics]
11. You Will Always Be  [Lyrics]

Hello EP by Kristian Stanfill

Hello EP (2007)

1. Spring Of Life  [Lyrics]
2. From The Inside Out
3. Beautiful Jesus
4. You Will Always Be
5. Jesus Paid It All  [Lyrics]

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