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Artist List Artist List Artist List
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Chord Charts

Step Into The Light by Lou Fellingham

Step Into The Light (2010)

1. There Is More
2. To God Be The Glory
3. See The Lamb Of God
4. My God Cares
5. This Is The Day
6. To Him Who Is Able
7. Holy Holy Holy
8. Step Into The Light
9. Christ In Me
10. Amazing God
11. Let It Shine

Promised Land by Lou Fellingham

Promised Land (2008)

1. Promised Land
2. Come Let Us Enter
3. God Immortal
4. Mercy From The Throne
5. Breathe
6. Restoration Song
7. Christ Crucified
8. In You
9. Spinning
10. This Is My Worship

Treasure by Lou Fellingham

Treasure (2006)

1. O God Of Love
2. Hard Pressed
3. Amazing Love
4. Build This House
5. Treasure
6. Before The Throne Of God Above
7. Holy Ground
8. Sing To The Lord
9. Coming Home
10. I Will Say
11. God Of Mercy (Prayer Song)
12. Let It Rain

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