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Artist List Artist List Artist List
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Chord Charts

The Upside Down by Chris August

The Upside Down (2012)

1. Center Of It  [Lyrics]
2. The Upside Of Down
3. Amen
4. This Side Of Heaven
5. Restore
6. Let There Be Light
7. I Believe
8. 1989
9. Unashamed Of You
10. A Little More Jesus  [Lyrics]
11. Let The Music Play
12. Water Into Wine
13. Meant To Be
14. Truth Is Still True

No Far Away by Chris August

No Far Away (2010)

1. You And I  [Lyrics]
2. Battle  [Lyrics]
3. Starry Night  [Lyrics]
4. 7x70  [Lyrics]
5. Want To Be Real  [Lyrics]
6. No Far Away  [Lyrics]
7. Loving You Is Easy  [Lyrics]
8. I'm Gonna Sing  [Lyrics]
9. It's Always Been You  [Lyrics]
10. Winter Time  [Lyrics]
11. Canyons (Beautiful Noise)  [Lyrics]
12. Jesus, Savior  [Lyrics]
13. Come Now Our King  [Lyrics]

Come Now Our King Single by Chris August

Come Now Our King Single (2010)

1. Come Now Our King  [Lyrics]

What You're Looking For by Chris August

What You're Looking For (2009)

1. Wait In Line
2. Little Lovin' Left To Do
3. Going To Paradise
4. You Make Me Sing
5. The Campfire Song
6. Faithfully
7. This Is Us
8. Stranger
9. Just Close Your Eyes

Nice To Meet You by Chris August

Nice To Meet You (2007)

1. Reason
2. Stranger
3. Back To Me
4. Kind Of Alone
5. Changing

Make Things Right by Chris August

Make Things Right (2007)

1. Coming Down
2. Just The Way You Are
3. Say Goodbye
4. Just A Song
5. Alone
6. Heart To Save
7. Make Things Right
8. Help Me Say Yes
9. Let's See It Through
10. Let Go
11. It's Okay

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