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Artist List Artist List Artist List
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Chord Charts

Praise Heard Around The World by Clint Brown

Praise Heard Around The World (2006)

1. Our God And Our King
2. Glorify His Name  [Lyrics]
3. We Acknowledge
4. Praise Heard Around The World
5. You Have Been
6. I Worship You
7. Great And Mighty
8. Lets Praise Him
9. Psalms 18
10. Hiding Place
11. It's All In The Name
12. I Came
13. Lord, I Praise You
14. Hungry For You

Nothing But Church by Clint Brown

Nothing But Church (2004)

1. NBC (Nothing But Church) intro
2. Lord I Live
3. Come On Judah  [Lyrics]
4. I Wanna Thank You
5. In This Place
6. Holy Spirit
7. Presence Of The Lord
8. Alone
9. You Are
10. I'm Overwhelmed
11. Can't Nobody
12. No One
13. In Your Glory
14. Shake The Foundation
15. Mighty God
16. Nothing But Church

It's Time to Dance by Clint Brown

It's Time to Dance (2001)

1. Crazy Praiz
2. It's Time To Dance
3. Yet Praise Him
4. I Win
5. Everyday
6. The Battle Is Not Yours
7. I Worship You
8. Blessed Be The Lord
9. No Word But Holy
10. I Love To Worship You
11. Say The Name
12. Blessed Be The Name

Two Shades of Brown: The Praise & Worship Collection by Clint Brown

Two Shades of Brown: The Praise & Worship Collection (2001)

1. Seek Your Face
2. I Have A Friend
3. Praisin' The Power Down
4. Put Your Praise On
5. Sunrise/I Feel Like Praisin Him
6. Praise, Praise His Name
7. Shout
8. Take It By Force
9. We've Come Into This House
10. Only The Strong Survive
11. Praises, Praises
12. I Don't Know
13. He Got Up
14. Crazy Praiz
15. There Is A Reason
16. Give Him The Highest Praise
17. Bless Your Name
18. You Alone
19. Breathe On Me
20. I Wanna Be More Like You
21. Four Words
22. Worship The King
23. Oh Magnify The King
24. Zion Is Calling Me  [Lyrics]
25. You Are
26. None Can Compare
27. If Not For Grace
28. Theres No One Like You
29. Fresh Oil
30. Time I Spend With You

In His Presence 2 by Clint Brown

In His Presence 2 (2000)

1. In His Presence
2. Waiting On You
3. Let All The Earth
4. You Alone
5. You Deserve
6. I Surrender All
7. I Love You
8. Seek Your Face
9. You Are
10. O Come All Ye Faithful
11. I Wanna Be More Like You
12. I Will Bless You Lord
13. If Not For Grace
14. Holy
15. Holy (Reprise)

Dawning Of A New Day by Clint Brown

Dawning Of A New Day

1. Dawning Of A New Day
2. At Sunrise
3. Walk With Me
4. Your Will Be Done
5. Alone
6. Restored
7. Live Again
8. Holy Spirit
9. Waiting On You
10. You Are

Mercy And Grace by Clint Brown

Mercy And Grace

1. Weve Come To Give Him Praise
2. I Love Him
3. I'll Worship You
4. Glory To God
5. This Praise Is For You
6. Blessing And Honor
7. You Alone
8. From The Sanctuary
9. Holy Righteous
10. Mercy And Grace

In His Presence

1. In His Presence
2. Worthy
3. Breathe On Me  [Lyrics]
4. Worship The Lord
5. Hallowed Be Thy Name
6. Surround Me
7. Close To You
8. Zion / Highest Praise
9. Praise Him
10. Worship The King
11. Awesome God  [Lyrics]
12. At Your Feet  [Lyrics]
13. Gentle Hands
14. He's Already Provided
15. Peace, Peace
16. In His Presence (Reprise)

Give God The Highest Praise by Clint Brown

Give God The Highest Praise

1. Sunrise
2. I Feel Like Praisin Him
3. Let It Flow
4. I've Got The Joy
5. I Just Want To Praise You
6. I Just Came To Tell You
7. Worthy
8. Hallowed Be Thy Name
9. Surround Me
10. None Can Compare
11. Sacrifice Of Praise
12. I Have A Friend
13. Breathe On Me
14. Zion Is Calling Me  [Lyrics]
15. Highest Praise
16. At Your Feet
17. One Voice

A Night Of Destiny by Clint Brown

A Night Of Destiny

1. Can't Nobody
2. Sunrise
3. I Feel Like Praisin Him
4. I Have A Friend
5. None Can Compare
6. Let It Flow
7. I've Got The Joy
8. I Just Want To Praise You
9. I Just Came To Tell You
10. Sacrifice Of Praise
11. One Voice

Live From Orlando by Clint Brown

Live From Orlando

1. Praisin The Power Down
2. Weve Come Into This House
3. I've Got A Praise
4. Give Him The Highest Praise
5. Praise, Praise His Name
6. When I Think About Jesus
7. I've Come To Praise You
8. Praises, Praises
9. We Worship You
10. Bless Your Name
11. Have A Little Talk With Jesus
12. He Got Up
13. In Your Arms

Judah One Live by Clint Brown

Judah One Live

1. Glad To See You Here
2. Rejoice
3. Shout
4. Because Of Who You Are
5. At All Times
6. Holy Spirit Fill This Room
7. Praise Him All Ye People
8. I Don't Know
9. Filled With Praise
10. God Has A Way
11. You Are
12. He's In This Place / He Is Here

Put Your Praise On by Clint Brown

Put Your Praise On

1. Sing Unto The Lord
2. Only Time
3. Crazy Praiz
4. Let There Be Joy
5. Four Words
6. Psalm 34
7. You're All I Need
8. Put Your Praise On
9. Give Him The Glory
10. Crazy Praiz (rap)
11. Oh Magnify The Lord
12. Shout
13. I Miss You

One Nation Under Praise by Clint Brown

One Nation Under Praise

1. 2 B Praised
2. Magnify The Lord
3. He'll Make A Way
4. Now That I Found You
5. If Not For Grace
6. One Nation Under Praise
7. Stand There And Sing
8. It Was You
9. Lord, I Praise You
10. Lord I Live
11. Keep Me In Your Reach

Alone by Clint Brown


1. Alone
2. He's In This Place / Surround Me
3. I'll Be Loving You
4. Secret Place
5. When You Hold Me
6. Remember Me
7. Keep Me In Your Reach
8. Lost Without Your Love
9. You Are Worthy
10. Alone

In His Presence 3 by Clint Brown

In His Presence 3

1. You're The One
2. No One Else Like You
3. Say The Name
4. You Are Welcome Here
5. No Word But Holy / I Love To Worship You
6. I Wanna Thank You
7. Stand Still
8. Rest On Me
9. You're The Reason
10. Let Me Love You
11. Bless Your Name
12. Why I Sing

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