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Artist List
Artist List Artist List Artist List
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Chord Charts

Stockholm Syndrome by Derek Webb

Stockholm Syndrome (2009)

1. Opening Credits
2. Black Eye
3. Cobra Con
4. Freddie, Please
5. The Spirit Vs. The Kick Drum
6. What Matters More
7. The State
8. The Proverbial Gun
9. I Love/Hate You
10. Becoming A Slave
11. Jena & Jimmy
12. Heaven
13. What You Give Up To Get It
14. American Flag Umbrella

Mockingbird by Derek Webb

Mockingbird (2005)

1. Mockingbird
2. A New Law
3. A King A Kingdom
4. I Hate Everything (But You)
5. Rich Young Ruler
6. A Consistent Ethic Of Human Life
7. My Enemies Are Men Like Me
8. Zeros Ones
9. In God We Trust
10. Please, Before I Go
11. Love Is Not Against The Law

The House Show by Derek Webb

The House Show (2004)

1. Faith My Eyes
2. She Must and Shall Go Free
3. Nobody Loves Me
4. Intro This World
5. This World (live)
6. Every Grain Of Sand
7. Intro I Repent
8. I Repent
9. Intro Dance
10. Dance
11. Lover
12. Intro Wedding Dress
13. Wedding Dress (live)
14. Take To the World

I See Things Upside Down by Derek Webb

I See Things Upside Down (2004)

1. I Want A Broken Heart  [Lyrics]
2. Better Than Wine  [Lyrics]
3. The Strong, The Tempted & The Weak
4. Reputation
5. I Repent
6. Medication
7. We Come To You
8. T-Shirts  [Lyrics]
9. Ballad In Plain Red
10. Nothing Is Ever Enough
11. Lover Part 2
12. What Is Not Love

She Must And Shall Go Free by Derek Webb

She Must And Shall Go Free (2003)

1. Nobody Loves Me
2. She Must And Shall Go Free
3. Take To The World
4. Nothing (Without You)
5. Lover
6. Wedding Dress
7. Awake My Soul
8. Saint And Sinner
9. Beloved
10. Crooked Deep Down
11. The Church

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