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Artist List Artist List Artist List
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Chord Charts

Surrounded By Mercy: A Live Worship Experience by Kim Hill

Surrounded By Mercy: A Live Worship Experience (2003)

1. Born To Worship
2. Famous One
3. More Like You  [Lyrics]
4. Revive Us Again
5. Glory Unto You
6. My Jesus I Love Thee
7. Your Mercy
8. Holy And Anointed
9. Love You More
10. Be Lifted Up
11. Cry Out Your Name
12. Fill Me Now

Arms Of Mercy by Kim Hill

Arms Of Mercy (1998)

1. Committed To The Call  [Lyrics]
2. Rain Of Your Mercy  [Lyrics]
3. Hold Me Close  [Lyrics]
4. All That I Want  [Lyrics]
5. You Are Still Holy  [Lyrics]
6. Shake The Heavens  [Lyrics]
7. To Call You Lord  [Lyrics]
8. Show The Way  [Lyrics]
9. When Will You Love Me?  [Lyrics]
10. You Alone  [Lyrics]
11. Up To The Moon  [Lyrics]

Testimony by Kim Hill

Testimony (1995)

1. Psalm 1
2. Refuge
3. Faithful
4. Secret Place
5. Testimony
6. Snake In The Grass
7. Charm Is Deceitful
8. Satisfied
9. Mysterious Ways
10. Unspoken Love

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