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Artist List Artist List Artist List
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Chord Charts

Nothing Less Than Everything by Darrell Evans

Nothing Less Than Everything (2008)

1. Worthy
2. Everything  [Lyrics]
3. Beautiful Savior  [Lyrics]
4. Hide Away
5. Coming Home To You
6. You Are God
7. The Joy Of The Lord
8. In Jesus' Name
9. Wonderful
10. Dream
11. Light Of The World

Uncharted Waters by Darrell Evans

Uncharted Waters (2005)

1. You Stole My Heart
2. Ready To Fly
3. Uncharted Waters
4. When I Pray  [Lyrics]
5. All We Want Is You  [Lyrics]
6. Beautiful Savior  [Lyrics]
7. Down At Your Feet
8. Audience Of One
9. My Home Is You
10. Lay My Life Down  [Lyrics]
11. For The Lord Is A Great God
12. Fields Of Grace  [Lyrics]

Consuming Fire: Darrell Evans And Friends by Darrell Evans

Consuming Fire: Darrell Evans And Friends (2004)

1. Worship Intro
2. Consuming Fire
3. Jesus, I Come To Follow
4. Anywhere With You
5. Precious Jesus
6. Exalted
7. Blessed Be The Lord
8. My Everything
9. Fields Of Grace  [Lyrics]
10. My Reward
11. The One And Only
12. Just As I Am
13. Harp In My Heart
14. Dream Before You
15. Let The River Flow 2

All I Want Is You by Darrell Evans

All I Want Is You (2003)

1. Fields Of Grace  [Lyrics]
2. All We Want Is You
3. Ready To Fly
4. Down At Your Feet
5. For The Lord Is A Great God  [Lyrics]
6. My Home Is You (Live)
7. Uncharted Waters
8. Audience Of One
9. You Stole My Heart
10. Lay My Life Down (Live)
11. Completely (Live)
12. All We Want Is You (Live)

Trading My Sorrows: The Best Of Darrell Evans by Darrell Evans

Trading My Sorrows: The Best Of Darrell Evans (2002)

1. Fields Of Grace  [Lyrics]
2. Freedom
3. All We Want Is You
4. New Song Arisin'  [Lyrics]
5. We Will Embrace Your Move
6. Let The River Flow
7. My Home Is You
8. You Bless Me
9. So Good To Me
10. Trading My Sorrows
11. Down At Your Feet
12. Your Love Is Extravagant
13. Whom Shall I Fear
14. I Am Yours
15. Lay My Life Down

Freedom by Darrell Evans

Freedom (1998)

1. Trading My Sorrows (Yes Lord)
2. So Good To Me
3. Freedom
4. I Am In Love With You
5. I Know
6. You Bless Me
7. When I Pray
8. You Are My Portion
9. Your Love Is Extravagant
10. I Lay Me Down

You Are I Am by Darrell Evans

You Are I Am (1998)

1. Whom Shall I Fear  [Lyrics]
2. I Want To Know You  [Lyrics]
3. My God Reigns  [Lyrics]
4. We Will Embrace Your Move  [Lyrics]
5. You Are I Am  [Lyrics]
6. New Song Arisin'  [Lyrics]
7. Let The River Flow  [Lyrics]
8. I Surrender  [Lyrics]
9. I Am Yours  [Lyrics]
10. Take Me Away With You  [Lyrics]

Let The River Flow by Darrell Evans

Let The River Flow (1997)

1. New Song Arisin'
2. My God Reigns
3. We Will Embrace Your Move
4. Let The River Flow
5. You Are I Am
6. Refuge
7. The Kingdom Song
8. Favorite Friend
9. I Surrender
10. I Am Yours
11. How Deeply I Need You
12. The Spirit Of Revival

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